Granny chinwag You know, sitting down relaxing, just getting ready for another amazing day.

I hope you're having a great day today. I've got my favorite this morning. I'm consuming chamomile and orange bloom. It's a nice tea. I typically have chamomile at night, but it's um it's quite relaxing and a nice, the majority of mild means to begin the day, so I'm mosting likely to wish that you're doing the exact same thing if you got a mug of coffee or tea. You know, sitting down relaxing, just preparing yourself for an additional fantastic day.

so um I was going to ask a question I haven't asked us in a while, and I'm truly curious the number of birthday celebrations we have this month that's obtained a birthday celebration or some special event that they're commemorating due to the fact that the topic I intend to speak with you concerning today is gifts for older females and you know when it's approaching our birthday you recognize our close friends or our household could state to us you recognize what do you desire for your birthday as well as typically we understand we say things like oh don't bother I don't buy me any type of


I've obtained whatever I need, or you understand I don't worry, I do not require anything. A little heart of hearts we assume possibly it would be great also. We fill up in the spaces well, of course, our youngsters and also our friends are not mind viewers's so we have to offer them some suggestions and so what would certainly be a really charming present for us, as well as I assume the first item of guidance I would certainly give to them and also you can you recognize, or you don't want to provide it to them yourself.

But I hope they would acknowledge which is not to get presents that are stereotypes of older ladies. You understand the kind of thing that you believe an older lady may want based upon a stereotype, so do not presume that every lady over 60 intends to weaved or wants to, you understand, accumulate oh I don't recognize, little figurines to place on there on their window step you know we are a group of females in our 60s with extremely one-of-a-kind and kind of dynamic tastes we have altered as we've grown older. We don't placed a lot value on things anymore.

on right stuff, we try to find various things we search for experience, and also we seek means to accomplish our enthusiasms now some you recognize it's as simple as asking you understand like you well if you're taking note of them as an as a close friend or as an as a mommy you recognize you're you learn more about sort of what we such as to do so it shouldn't be all that difficult, but I believe that in some cases it's useful to think about how you know we consider gifts and also how we connect what we like to

individuals that might intend to buy this you know some of us are enthusiasts we accumulate you understand so the very same thing, as an example, I such as to accumulate crystal anything crystal or stones I like the feeling the structure of rocks, as well as you understand from quartz and purple and also topaz I I'm constantly interested by touching them and seeing the different methods they can develop in nature, so I'm a huge kaleidoscope individual - I like kaleidoscopes, but these are you understand these are things that ideally they will certainly

l understand over time are your little prizes you understand things that you would like I believe it's likewise important to remind them that you recognize we are not so interested any longer crazes might a lot of us are downsizing this is something that we have actually discussed on 16 may many times that we value you know having even more experience as well as even more time with them than we do require one more thing therefore we do not desire even more clutter in our house we want simpleness, and we want you to recognize gee

I was amusing lizard uncle whenever our um blogger has stated that she constantly states to individuals that she suches as points in small blue boxes you understand like a Tiffany box, yet it's not a lot the box it's it's just that the little points that make all the distinction, so you know she claimed she's had you know why do not have cheese grater is provided to her and all examples in little boxes as well as she delights in just that you understand that that gesture so I think that offering experiences is just as vital

as providing an item

so possibly you could suggest a massage therapy or just how about just a weekend break journey someplace you understand maybe a coupon on Airbnb or about your on you know among the hotels that are in the location often I love going to a resort nearby you know to obtain an cost-effective price as well as take my note pad and look or write out of the window you recognize a shop in a brand-new little town go to a coffee shop so occasionally that's a good gift just providing a day pass to another location to ensure that time you recognize you can have that journey

also perhaps a movie or I took it to the flicks or a ticket to the theater these are the arcs are gifts of experience, so when a person asks you, you can constantly say that's something that you 'd want, and afterwards it depends on them to find out what they what experience you would certainly like another point that individuals typically you understand one for a present remains in our groupage team age group is something stylish something that we would not generally obtain for ourselves

You recognize something like um a vintage piece some unusual item of fashion jewelry I got a little broach or earring something small and also something that every time you know they wear it we'll consider the individual that gave it to us so are you a kind of a jewelry individual do you like little gifts of jewelry or perhaps a scarf I indicate I must have I don't understand I have a great deal of scarves since people understand I like scarves. I get lots of presents of scarves.

I like them. They don't take much area, as well as I had you placed them up around my home sometimes um you look into a lamp or uses decor. Headscarfs are another great concept another thing to do is to provide the gift of a video like a appeal video clip or fashion video clip. Naturally, we have our charm videos with the Aryan pool, we have a fashion video clip with Melanie in Milan, and then we have our yoga video clips. These are points that are seasoned or presents that you can suggest.

Naturally, there are lots, and great deals of other individuals that do impressive videos that would certainly make best presents if you like that as a has something to do another thing that ladies over 60 like to do is discover so an additional concept for a present might be a course to a course we have this some course right here in Zurich called maybe that's all curiosity classes or yeah I assume there's a curiosity course. They are held a number of times a year, and also you go and discover unusual things, as well as they're really fun, as well as they are just one of those expenses that you would not normally buy for yourself.

It's kind of nice to enable someone to obtain one for you, as well as there are whole lots of cooking courses other points like that that you might desire to find out so these are great recommendations to make as well are you believing of presents as we're going along here you obtained a birthday celebration coming I indicate you must be sure to ask for points if a person asks you what kind of present you can say oh I enjoy a food preparation class or exactly how regarding a helicopter flight or you can think of something exotic that will it all amaze them and also help to reinforce a brand-new collection of stereotypes for who you are

I indicate, certainly, one thing you can recommend and even purchase for on your own is something risque, maybe a wonderful brand-new item of underwear bra or even some ice simply negligee or you understand something a motion picture a little hot movie like Fifty Shades of Grey I have not watched that, however so I'm most likely advising it in error, however that's one option there's you recognize the Anais Nin did a publication called the Delta of Venus her job was always extremely seductive and sensuous.

That's one more idea or possibly a perfume just something that makes them feel in a goal for sensual as well as unique there's a man, so I think it's called the greatest scent ever before as well as it's a website where you can go as well as create whips her fume particularly for the lady that you look perhaps you would certainly such as to inspect that out give them a little tip I like sandalwood as well as lavender, and they can after that make something for you this your special fragrance

it's alright it's a good suggestion really that one offer something innovative coloring publication pencils I suggest you can recommend that I believe that again it returns to stereotypes if people ask you what presents you would certainly such as or you're shopping a present for a person over sixty you know do not return to the default assume what do they like as people well that individual likes to travel so possibly

I'll buy them up a book, a manual or something you know, a great travel luggage tag or something various a memory gives a memory of his memories and experience I believe are the very best. Obviously, inspirational points there are some beautiful websites these days I can't off the top of my head checklist them but where you can obtain posters and also little mission declarations regarding the life you understand in Europe well not just in new 60s however when you're declaring yourself redefining who you are requiring time on your own, and also you can go as well as buy these beautiful little calendars.

Papaya is one I love. I have a papaya diary, as well as on each page, there is a little quote or something inspirational, and additionally I have a poster that I got. I think I got it from papaya too. They do charming kind of goddess themed posters, as well as you recognize be brave as well as love the method you are as well as just those just little declarations on a handbag there's a adorable little handbag that you can acquire, so those type of motivational gifts are cold so as well as possibly put a little candle or some incense.

however guaranteed currently I'm just providing you these as ideas for you to provide to a person, however you can likewise be making notes right here if you have actually got a present to buy for an older individual and also you know to buy something that's going to make them consider you every time they oak or utilize it or wear it or experience it, and that's what a gift must be, and I don't wait for birthday celebrations or any day of the year I type of think about a person sent them something even if it's simply a card Mayo celebrate

Gift-giving as a common experience that's a cool suggestion so as well as also publications, naturally, I'm making take a look at my notes right here I indicate you have actually got some wonderful inspirational books by spiritual leaders by people that are extra standard and a lot more Lindbergh the present from the sea is one I offer to a great deal of people. There are others that you understand that you might have personally had an attachment to that you wish to share.

I assume that asked her girlfriends to find to a event she's having

a party for her birthday, and she said to bring their preferred book that was a gift for her to bring their favored publication. I believed that was a truly beautiful point to ask as well as in an interesting present pointer so if someone states what would certainly you such as one gift would you such as for whatever say um offer me your favorite publication I assume that's a amazing idea perhaps that's an concept for you to follow so anyway I hope that's been useful and also giving you some bright concepts for a person that might wish to buy.

You a present or if you have actually obtained somebody that you would love to buy for that would certainly be a wonderful some great concepts, all right so I do really hope that you've appreciated this today and also been you recognize motivated a little bit by the concepts and also the tips and I will hope you have a wonderful day today you know go out and do something fun on your own acquire on your own a present acquire something quite valuable for you as well as you understand the concern for the day is merely what existing would certainly you like to get.

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